Advertising Policy

We want the advertising messages on to be as beneficial, useful and effective to our users as they are to the advertiser's themselves. We do not condone any type of deceptive advertising, and try to carefully screen our advertisers so we are promoting the best local Framingham area products and services to our guests. accepts advertisements from individuals, businesses, organizations and other entities. Some of the advertising on my be placed by 3rd party ad serving services, advertising agencies or other types of online marketing and promotional services.

The following policy statement regards only advertising placed directly through an authorized ad sales representative.

Types of Advertising Accepted is capable of publishing advertising messages in plain text, static or animated images and to deliver digital goods such as PDF documents, data files as well as host and display Adobe Flash/Shockwave, digital video, audio, POD casts and other new media formats. Additionally we sometimes coordinate or engage in cooperative advertising agreements for print, radio and other types of media which benefits or gives exposure to and its advertisers.

Hyper-Linking Policy

While some advertisements may be display only, (intended only to give exposure to the advertising message), most online advertisement are linked, (meaning a user can click on the ad and be taken to an HTML page on another website, a custom landing page, a contact form, an email address or to initiate the download of a file, etc).

Most users expect when they click an ad to be taken to another HTML page, (a website, landing page or form that appears in their web browser). If clicking an ad initiates any other type of hyper-link, (e.g.- opens a new email, starts a file transfer, etc), that action must be clearly indicated within the ad, (e.g.- "Click Here to Email us", or "Click Here to Start Download").

In the case of hyperlinks from ads which are approved, and then the content of the landing page, website or other HTML target is significantly changed in substance, content or ownership, we may suspend or discontinue displaying any such ad.

Who Can Advertise?

Part of's core mission is to promote local Framingham business. In addition to accepting advertising from businesses located within Framingham, MA (USA), we also accept advertisements from individuals who reside in Framingham, (regardless of where their business is located), and at times from former Framingham residents or businesses once located in Framingham.

Additionally, we may choose to accept ads from regional, state or national advertisers, and from businesses located in adjoining towns, (Natick, Sherborn, Holliston, Ashland, Marlborough, Sudbury and Wayland, MA). Lastly, if a service or product is sufficiently unique or is of value to the people of Framingham, we may accept such advertising.

Who Can't Advertise? does not display advertising for or provide links to; sites promoting offensive, questionable or illegal activity including but not limited to; pirated content sites, "adult" sites, unsanctioned gambling or betting sites, sites promoting hate or violence, or any site which is the subject of multiple complaints by our visitors. There are several internet related technical reasons we may refuse an ad, specifically, but not limited to: ads which redirect a user after initial URL loads, multi-tier affiliate ad sites, ads which lead to link farms, ads which link to sites located in certain countries or regions, many types of "work at home" ads, and other questionable internet activity. Deceptive ads, ads which mislead or misrepresent in any way, or ads from any advertiser who engages in substantiated unfair business practices, shall be subject to removal, (and advertiser may be reported to law enforcement, regulatory agency, advertiser's ISP, or other entity if deemed appropriate).

We reserve the right to serve or refuse to serve any advertisement, with or without reason. We reserve the right to discontinue serving any advertisement after initially accepting it for publication. In such cases, if not covered by any other policy, an advertiser's sole remedy shall be a full or partial refund or credit for any unused period of time, less cost per number of impressions, "clicks" or other services specified in advertisers contract at the discretion of Design fees, set up fees, or other fees associated with the creation or initial placement of the ad are non-refundable.

Text Advertising Messages

Throughout our site are many areas where sponsors have text ads. Text based advertising follows the same policy and review guidelines as display advertising. Text ads will always be clearly separated from any surrounding content, and at times we may require a border, the word "Advertisement", or other distinct visual cues if the ad has been designed in any way which may lead visitors to believe it is news or an unsolicited endorsement, or designed to appear as if it were site content.

Advertising Prices

All advertising is priced based on size, (physical screen size measured as height and width in pixels), as well as data file sizes, (which is the size of the file on disk and reflects the bandwidth an ad uses), and based on duration of advertising contract.

Please see our Advertising Ratecard for information about Display Advertising and other Framingham, MA area targeted online advertising services.

Advertising Discounts

Discounts are offered for contracts involving multiple ad products or extended ad duration. We also offer discounts to semi-commercial organizations, (e.g.- if an organization operates as a non-profit, but charges fees for it's products or services, we charge the organization accordingly). Regardless of charitable or non-profit status, advertiser shall be charged reasonable costs for any advertising design, editing or setup work performed.